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Find Five: 18th Century Things by eyes History. Hopefully you don't make that face every time you see words on paper and not a screen.

NBC has had more than a dozen sitcoms, but we didn't want you to have to be clicking all day long. Did They Play for Manchester United?Random Quiz. Music Quizzes Random Music Quiz.

The Beatles or Rebecca Black? This song will be probably be in your head the rest of the day Finish the Lyric. If you try this quiz at work, you might warn your colleagues that you could be spontaneously breaking into song for the rest of the day.

You Better Lose Yourself.

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We recently heard that Eminem is a master at Donkey Kong. We really want to believe that's true. Figure Out the Disney Lyrics.

VH1's Songs '90s. When you wish upon a star Musician by Picture. We were going to put the band named 'The The' on here, but it just seemed kinda silly. Song Title Fill-in-the-Blank.

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If you don't know the right answer, just pretend you're playing song title Mad Libs. We expect many creative guesses. Figure Out the Disney Lyrics V. Opening Lyrics. We are sorry if this quiz has you singing to your computer for the rest of the day. Figure Out the Lyrics II.

pop music quizzes sporcle

Song Time. Misheard Lyrics.All Quizzes. Music trivia on JetPunk. Just a city boy. We have over music quizzes to test your knowledge about lyrics, artists, and chart-topping hits. Take a Random Music Quiz. Most Popular Here are our most popular Music quizzes. Click here to see them all. Musical Instruments by Picture 1. Who Did that Pop Song 1. Don't Stop Believin' Lyrics Quiz.

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Songs with Body Parts in the Title. Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics. The decade is done, dude. Can you name the musical acts who recorded a 1 hit in the s?

Star-Spangled Banner Quiz. Beatles Songs Quiz. Title in the Lyrics Quiz 1. Who Did That s Song 1. Top Musical Acts of All-Time. Twelve Days of Christmas Quiz. First Lines of Christmas Songs.

Songs with Animals in the Title 1. Orchestra Instruments Quiz. Title in the Lyrics - Disney Songs.

Sporcle video quiz- Guess the Kpop song by MV

One Name Musicians Quiz.The s saw a rise in grunge, and sinceelectronic dance music has been more and more popular, even if it is a lazier form of the art. But pop never went away. But how well do you know the genre? How closely have you been listening to those radio stations? Test your pop song knowledge with these 35 questions! SexyBack is a song performed by a dreamboat — that same dreamboat also helped Nate Hills and Tim Mosley to write and produce it.

It made him a star and continues to be his most famous song to this day. Well, it might be. The description is, at the same time, both apt and bizarre. Who was the singer? He recently broke the record for most records by one artist in the Top 20 charts with a whopping He also has a habit of naming his albums after mathematical functions.

Which of these mathematical symbols is not the title of one of his albums? This song by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars in a less than limited capacity is inspired by s funk and the sounds of Prince.

It won two Grammys including Song of the Year, which is like the Best Picture Oscar but for the Grammys, and its music video has over 2. The "Uptown" in the title is sometimes styled as "UpTown" for album covers and promotional purposes.

What is the second word in the title? But back when the world was slightly more civilized and peaceful, a smarmy teenage boy from Canada emerged as a huge star with the since-surpassed most viewed music video on YouTube. But which Bieber song was it that started it all? Taylor Swift is a huge star right now, with a new studio album out every couple of years or so. She's racked up quite a shelf of impressive albums and singles at this point, all selling successfully in the millions.

One of her most popular songs is Shake It Off, which inspires listeners to ignore the haters and simply do what they want to do. But which one of her studio albums is the song Shake It Off featured on? The James Bond movies always have chart topping theme songs, because they always get the biggest pop stars of the time to perform them.

Which Beatle was it? Remember when this song was everywhere for a while? But who sings it? But where did she find love?

What kind of place was it where she found love? Katy Perry has been out of the game for a while, but she's been quietly working on putting together a new album that has her fans excited. She started out in gospel music, but found much more success in the arena of pop.

She had another hit as well, with a chorus that goes: "And you're gonna hear me Does it get more awesome than that? And the reason it looks like Hollywood is because it was directed by Hollywood's John Landis, who has since been disgraced from the industry after two children were beheaded by a helicopter in a stunt gone wrong on the set of one of his movies, but his earlier movies are great.

But which Michael Jackson video did he do with the zombies?Random Quiz. The Beatles or Rebecca Black? Parenthetical Song Titles. Parenthetical Song Titles II.

But I'm With 'The' Band! Adele: Rolling in the Deep Lyrics. Adjective Hit Song Titles — Adverbs in 1 Songs. Album Covers with Finn and Jake. Album Covers by Description. Album Covers Redone With Emoji. Album Covers with the American Flag. Album Covers: Punk and Post-Punk. Album of the Year Nominees: '90s, '00s, '10s. Album Titles Starting with 'Songs Albums by Song Title Words. Albums That Sold 1 Million in 1 Week. Alive for Five? Music Edition.

Almost Useless Music Trivia. Always, Forever, Now or Never Songs. American Pie - The Complete Lyrics. Are You Ready to Rock? Artist by Alternative Song Title.

Artist by First and Last Song. Artist by Popular Spotify Songs. Artist Names Missing a Logo. Artists in Album Titles s. Artists on Album Covers: Drawn Edition.

Artists with Most Weeks at 1 s. Artists with Parallel Top 10 Hits. Artists with Top 10 Singles in Atypical Song Lyrics.Random Quiz. Pop Music Artists Quiz Stats by beforever.

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pop music quizzes sporcle

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