When questioned about fossils, the first thing students share is about dinosaurs. In museums, news stories and films we see many representations of dinosaur bones.

Young children often develop a fascination with dinosaurs and can even expertly identify each of these prehistoric creatures by name. But dinosaur bones are not the only fossils we consider when exploring the prehistoric past of out planet. That there is a fossil record that includes shells, plants, and many other living creatures is not the only potentially new learning.

Often students harbor the belief that humans are responsible for extinction. Exploring the fossil record will expose students to organisms, including dinosaurs, that lived and became extinct before humans. Students build a foundational understanding about the creation of the fossil record.

They will understand which organisms are likely to become fossils. MS-LS Analyze and interpret data for patterns in the fossil record that document the existence, diversity, extinction, and change of life forms throughout the history of life on Earth under the assumption that natural laws operate today as in the past. The crosscutting concept of patterns is well supported with the exploration of the fossil record. Fossils tell us more than what organisms lived on the planet but where they lived and students can use this evidence to further support their findings about plate movement is a previous lesson - Pangaea - Wegener's Puzzling Evidence.

MS-ESS Analyze and interpret data on the distribution of fossils and rocks, continental shapes, and sea floor structures to provide evidence of the past plate motions. Students will be prompted through the website using a series of questions to insure they dig deeply into the content and are not simply clicking through the pages.

getting into the fossil record answer key

In this lesson, the students have the independence of researching questions using an interactive website format. Students add the vocabulary list to their science journals. Research supports the act of hand-writing as a tool to help students remember the words and definitions longer.

I ask students to use this link rather than Google the definitions. We want to be certain that we are using the most appropriate definition for the unit we are studying. Students are guided through the website Getting into the Fossil Record in search of answers to questions suggested on the teacher section of the website.

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The answer key is there as well. I have copied and adapted the questions in a document, Getting into the Fossil Record Focus QuestionsI give to students electronically. I use this 'cheat sheet' so I am able to assist students quickly when they are certain that the answer is not on the website and try to convince me that they need to use Google to search for the answers. Also, the Special Education teachers and English Language Learner teachers appreciate the quick reference sheet because they typically do not have the time to search the website to help students with content area questions.

You will also see some of the strategies used by the site to engage students. First, the website will not allow students to advance until they have seen all the information connected to the current page. This feature creates the expectation that students will need to read and evaluate all information provided in order to fully understand the content and answer the questions. The next button does not appear until the student has viewed all parts of the page.

Why are the mouse and the jellyfish being compared? Students need to use the information provided in the text to infer why the mouse and jellyfish are being compared. And finally, there are questions throughout the website to check for understanding.

These questions must be answered correctly before the website will allow students to move forward. My suggestion to students is, to read through the list of scavenger hunt questions once to have a general idea about the type of information they are looking for on the website.

After you answer a question, read the next two questions to prime your mind for what to look for next. What happens in Connecting the Learning depends upon how the students answered the questions.

Students have submitted their answers electronically via the classroom Moodle course. This allows me not to have to take home stacks of papers and I can quickly peruse their answers to look for any misconceptions or misunderstandings and address them before we progress too much further.

This website - Getting into the Fossil Record has proven to be at the appropriate learning level for my students. It is not so easy that students already know the answers but also not so hard as to frustrate them in finding the answers. If the questions asks for two examples, then why do some of the answers contain only one?Students used the geologic time scale app on the iPods to add information to the geologic time scale handout they received in class.

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getting into the fossil record answer key

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Blog at WordPress. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Answers will vary. Some possibilities are: How did behaviors like flight evolve?

What did the land look like in the past?

getting into the fossil record answer key

What kind of organisms existed in the past? How did organisms move about? Body fossils are the fossilized remains of body parts such as leaves, teeth, skin or bones. Examples include burrows, footprints, nests or coprolites.

Why are organisms that are buried rapidly more likely to fossilize than those that are buried slowly or not at all?

Rapid burial protects an organism from biotic factors such as scavengers and decomposers, and from abiotic factors such as sun and wind, allowing the fossilization process to begin. Describe two ways an organism can become a fossil without being buried in sediment. Environments in which rapid and complete burial can occur quickly, such as the ocean floor or lake bottoms, are much more conducive to the formation of fossils. Environments in which dead organisms are readily broken down by biotic or abiotic factors, such as rain forests and rocky shorelines, prevent fossilization from occurring.

Describe three factors that could prevent an organism from long ago from ever turning up in a fossil collection today. Not all organisms are equally protected from destruction after death, have structures which fossilize readily, or live and die in environments conducive to fossilization.

Even if fossilization does occur, the fossil is subject to destructive geologic forces such as melting, crushing or erosion. And finally, most fossils remain hidden from us, buried deep inside the Earth. Geologic maps help paleontologists find rocks of the right age to search for answers to their questions.

Only the remains of some organisms will die in an environment conducive to fossilization. Not all organisms resist destruction after death equally. Soft-bodied organisms are much more likely to decay than organisms with hard body parts such as bones, shells or teeth. Thus the fossil record contains many remains of creatures like fish, clams and mammals, and relatively few remains of creatures like jellyfish, earthworms or wild flowers. You have the good fortune to find a site filled with many fossilized leaves, teeth, bones, eggs and even footprints from a variety of creatures.

Amidst this treasure trove of ancient life you find no trace of insects. Your research partner concludes that no insects lived here at that time.

Focus Questions Key

What other hypothesis might you suggest to your partner? You must tell your partner that simply because one has not found evidence of insects, that in itself is not proof that they were not there at that time. This may have been an ancient environment with destructive forces that prevented insects from fossilizing.

It is possible that geologic processes may have destroyed insect fossils in this area or you simply may not have found the insect fossils that are there.Fossil Record Change If incorrect, please navigate to the appropriate directory location.

getting into the fossil record answer key

See more testimonials Submit your own. Get 10 Days Free. Showing 1 - of resources. Lesson Planet. For Teachers 9th - 12th. Engage young biologists with four laboratory activities that explore the fossil record. Learners examine fossil images, a fossil kit, the rock record, and geologic time scale. They even experiment with the oxygen production of an Elodea Get Free Access See Review. For Teachers 5th - 8th. Watch how paleontologists scour the Gobi Desert to find fossils that fill in a gap in the fossil record.

How big did dinosaurs get during the Jurassic period? Get your class thinking about these questions and more with this short clip Walk your junior biologists through the evidence that supports evolution. The fossil record, anatomical record, and molecular record are explained and supported by colorful graphs and pictures. Extensive notes are provided for some of For Students 9th - 12th. Summarize a unit on evolutionary evidence.

Learners recount information about the fossil record, molecular record, homologous structures, convergent evolution. This worksheet provides plenty of room for students to write out responses, For Teachers 10th - 11th. Students compare the three theories used tp interpret fossil records. For this earth science lesson, students create a production of a televised debate. They collaborate with group members to generate relevant questions about the topic. Take a close-up look at the evolution of hyenas in South Africa.

Natural historians read about the five hyena species found in the fossil record and examine four statements that summarize the theory of evolution.

As a culminating For Teachers 7th - 12th Standards.

Rauner special collections library: 8/21/11

What do you call a plated dinosaur when he is asleep? A stego-snorus!You may want to print out the. You can copy the webpage into an editor, such as word or openoffice and modify it for your classroom needs. If you repost, be sure to share alikewhich is how the page is licensed. All of my worksheets can probably be improved upon, and definitely make changes if needed to fit with your own class and schedule. This activity assumes students know the basic principles of evolution, it is more of an "end of the unit" activity than beginning.

You will need large poster paper to set up the record. I've used construction paper taped together if that's what I have laying around. Students like to pick colors too. This project is more about the "process" than the final outcome. Quick Rubric. Give a brief description of the evolutionary changes that occured in the organism. During which time period did the fossils differentiate into two branches. Explain how the chart illustrates both punctuated equlibrium and gradualism.

Use specific fossils from the chart to support your answer. Gradualism is illustrated by slow changes over time.

Making the assumption that each fossil represents a separate species. Explain how the chart illustrates divergent and phyletic speciation. Examine the fossil that was unearthered in a museum, apparently the labels and other information were lost. Using your fossil record, determine the time period this fossil is likely from.

Montanian or californian. Of the two major species that arose from the parent species, which was more successful? How do you know?

CARTA: The Origin of Us -- Chris Stringer: Fossil Record of Anatomically Modern Humans

One species appeared to have become extinct prior to the californian era. For each of the "blanks" on your fossil record make a sketch of what the animal would look like. Draw these right on your fossil record. Publisher: Biologycorner. Examining the Fossil Record Teacher's Guide.The fossil record answers keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website.

Search Domain. Search Email. The fossil record answers. Examining the fossil record answers.

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Dating the fossil record answers. The fossil record worksheet answers. Dating the fossil record activity answers. The rock and fossil record answers. Stories from the fossil record answers. The fossil record answer key. We found at least 10 Websites Listing below when search with the fossil record answers on Search Engine. Log in Sign up. Created by. Terms in this set 43 paleontologists. What we can learn from the fossil records of dinosaurs and horses This email is already in use with a student account.

This educational module is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Directions: As you navigate through Getting Into the Fossil Recordkeep your eyes open for answers to the following questions. Hint: The questions are in order of appearance. Name five kinds of trace fossils. Louis MetroVoice 4, no. Most evolutionists insist that the occurrence of evolution is an indisputable fact, even if its exact mechanism must remain speculative. Since evolution is believed to occur far too slowly to be discernible in the time frame of human observers, we must examine prehistoric evidence in the fossil record if we are to Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life?

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Fossil Record Teacher Resources

The fossil record answers keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Search Domain.

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Getting Into the Fossil Record

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