A modem is a device used to convert digital signals coming from the computer or any digital device to the analog signals which can be communicated over non-digital devices such as TV cables or telephone lines etc.

In reference to gaming, a good modem can reduce the connection latency rate, which in turn ensures faster internet speed for smoother gameplay.

bcm63138 router

That is why for your convenience I have created a list of Best modem for gaming in After extensive research and spending hours in testing multiple brands, I have shortlisted the top 10 modems for gaming which you can buy right now. Several of these modems are not appropriate for everyone as they do carry a high price tag on them. However, these modems are good enough in terms of performance to make it to our list of the top 10 best modems for gaming in When you talk about cell phones, the Motorola company is very famous in the tech industry but very less number of people know that Motorola also manufactures high-quality cable modems and one of them is MB I have tested this modem for the maximum speed and the results are more than overwhelming.

You can easily get 3. One of the bigger problem faced by the people in most of the cable modems is the security vulnerability due to intel puma chipset, but thanks to the Broadcom chipset which is an important part of Motorola MB So if someone asks me, What modem has the over-the-top performance for the current internet infrastructure?

My answer will be Motorola MB What I am trying to say is, If you have a modem that supports AQM, then it results in faster page loads on the internet and also enhances the gaming experience. Sure, it has some erratic disconnect issues. But considering all the premium features it has, the MB may be one of the best cable modems, especially for gaming in the market right now.

Next on the list is the Linksys CM The chances are that you are already using one of three versions of the Linksys cable modem is very high, as all of them are widely famous in the networking market. The reason is very logical — It is because CM version is far cheaper thanand has more powerful capabilities than the CM shares the same design pattern with all of its sibling models especially the CM It has a black textured surface combined with the rectangular shape.

And the ethernet ports are present on the back side similar to the CM design. If you are seeing the LED status light glowing blue, it means you are on a Gigabit connection. Somewhat, the above conditions are similar for the Send indicator, the continuous blinking of green light depicts searching for internet, solid green light says an established internet connection and a blue light is for the multi-channel bonding.

Linksys claiming this modem to be compatible with Comcast Xfinity, Cox, Charter Spectrum and Time Warner internet, which is I guess more than enough, but to be on the safer side first ask your ISP before you decide to buy this one. So is this modem perfect? Apart from some minor flaws in the old firmware updates, there is not much to write bad things about this product.

So if you are among one of them, then divert all your concentration right here on every word I write about Netgear D Just by seeing how it looks, one can easily find out that it is a variant of R Irrespective of the similarities in design, Netgear D has some differences in hardware features in comparison to R It has two USB 3. Also, you will find four ethernet ports on the back side along with a DSL port, a power connector, and internet port. As usual, I have tested this modem on its router capability of providing the maximum speed and I was easily getting Mbps on 5 GHz and Mbps on 2.

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Overall, the Netgear D definitely qualifies as the best modem for gaming that offers a lot for the price you are paying for it. Arris is widely known in the networking field for its 60 years of contribution in connecting the people over the internet. The compatibility with Docsis 3. This modem also features 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports which means you can create two individual home networks from just one. To sum it up, the Arris SURFboard SB is definitely a little large and weighty but because of its powerful performance and vast compatibility, it is definitely one of the best modems out there — great for gaming.

You should always check whether the model you have chosen to buy is compatible with your ISP or not. Normally, all the modems are somehow compatible with all the ISPs in the market, but sometimes there can be exceptions as well.Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register.

bcm63138 router

Pages: Sorry guys, I have a DGA, rooted with 1. I was happy and was avoiding to encounter any issues with new updates. Yesterday the router crashed disabling all the WIFI networks I made a switch off and now it is half working.

No Wifi, no admin interface, just ehternet and internet. I hopefully have the SSH access and I see that nginx and other process like curl and ssl modules are giving Segmentation Fault!

So it is impossible to restart the web interface and other things. What could be the reason of this problem? What can I do to try to restore the router without loosing the root? Any suggestion would be very appreciated. Many thanks! SpeedRacer Just arrived Posts: 2. Quote from: shdf on September 22,AM.

G.hn G.fast solution G.fast modem vectoring router Zisa G100 212MHz

Quote from: manny on December 28,PM. However, my case is a little bit different to what most people seem to be doing. Certainly, the version numbers don't match at all. In my GUI, I have a software version of Is there a way I can tell if this is rootable? Is there a different process for this model?

I'm anxious not to mess anything up by acting in haste.Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. At the moement this modem is for people who likes "hacking" The Wizard for the quick config in the WEBUI is for italians ISP edit:the wizard let you configure your modem the way you want and is in englishbut it can be adapted for other country. Once again you have to put your hands in the files.

Note that it works only with firmware 1. DGA Firmware 2. Ok, so before i unlock it, here is the web interface and what you can do with it.

bcm63138 router

Gateway info : Internet Access : Lan Config: As you can see on the top left, you can set a different Network subnet for the wifi guest.

That's looking more and more interesting. I might have to make trip to Italy to get one. Well, before unlocking the modem i checked if ssh was enabled Code: [Select].

Quote from: shdf on September 27,PM. Looks like that seller is located in italia, see here Why they don't want to sell in UK?? It certainly looks like an interesting device. Co-founder of the ELRepo Project. Please consider making a donation to support the running of this site. Thanks for the info shdf.

Can you bridge it and turn it into a dumb modem to server eg pfsense? Also I wonder if there is a way to setup openvpn and what throughput would be like. The setup wizard let you configure the internet connection the way you want.

There is a wifi analyser for 2. And tcpdump : well, i will stop here.

bcm63138 router

Quote from: bilbokitz on September 27,PM. The configuration :. SMF 2. Support this site. Rate your ISP.Broadcom is the wireless and broadband component manufacturing industry's leader. Its undisputed strength lies in its transceivers and radios, which are even used in conjunction with competing router SoCs. It is designed to work in conjunction with the BCM radio. The BCM sits right at the edge of obsolescence, but a number of popular, low-end routers from and use this chipset. They differ mostly in nominal speeds; the BCM is the fastest, at 1.

Introduced in as a 3x3 MIMO Its Wi-Fi speed is a nominal 5. The radio spans MHz, which, unfortunately, also means that only two such networks fit in the 5GHz band without overlap. Current page: Chipset Vendors: Broadcom.

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Chipset Vendors: Broadcom Broadcom is the wireless and broadband component manufacturing industry's leader. Support up to DDR memory bit for the andbit for Twin 2. See all comments Intel do use one of their chips for a similar device. Nice article, is there any more on how tech works? Like cpu and gpu? Those first pictures are not "schematics". They are CAD renderings of the box and main board at best, but definitely not schematics. Thanks, bwhiten.

Updated the caption Nice article! In fact, that was largely the outcome of a previous if not the first wave of VR hype. But, I digress Or, at least as much as anything is, these days. I wonder whether or how long that remained true of their architectures.

Question: I've seen a router with 72 cores would that be made to be a 72 core pic and I could use the cores for multi ore computing? Programmable packet accelerator that offloads tasks from the main CPU cores, with local memory.

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Wi-Fi quality and performance issues are estimated to generate overcustomer service requests a year in Czech Republic. Based on the Broadcom BCM chipset, the gateway displays time, weather and temperature information on its screen.

As a home network router, it offers 4 Gbps Ethernet connectors and Dual-Band Wi-Fi with a theoretical throughput of 2. Roman Bacik, Project anager, O2 One of our ambitions in Czech Republic is to offer our customers the best Wi-Fi performance as well as an all-inclusive, intelligent home centre, controlling sensors and captors within homes enhanced by the Internet of Things.

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My contract with TalkTalk runs out in a month or so. Hyperoptic is available in my building. Never used them before but decided to take the plunge on their Mb package. Hope it is the right decision. At least I will not have to deal with this router for a while if things go well.

Has anyone tried or have supervectoring 35b? Very pity indeed. Also, ensure you are using the latest firmware Version 1.

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Yes, Fritz! Box are a good units and very reliable, I havealas I had a look at some other forums for the DSl-AC88U Annex B and it does seems as though 35b profile does not work well. Very very stable. Hi friend, can you give me the latest firmware with Telnet? I have not lost hope of fixing this machine yet. Hi everyone, I need some help with this modem.

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